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2000 Construction in Process VII
This Earth is a Flower, Lodz, Poland

In the middle of 2000 I went to photograph in Poland on account of my friend Richard Thomas aka Larry Kronick Jr from the Lilypad Stage at the Big Day Out to document Construction in Process VII. Construction in Process was a series of international exhibitions organized by artists all round the world. It was started in the 80's and the last one was This Earth is a Flower in 2000. The originator of this idea was Ryszard Wasko. Artists who were invited to participate in "Construction in Process" invite in turn, another group of participants, giving the project a dynamic, open character. Artists were spurred on to create their works on site. '

Just bring your bikini' was all Richard shouted down the phone, it was sizzling in Poland however when I got there a few days later it was 10 degrees and the paint on Richard's work wouldn't dry and the rain that had come had warped his outdoor canvas. And this is what I documented the dynamic mad process of creating onsite under the pressures.
Running time: 03:49

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Jimmy Little

In 2009 I went to collect photos for the Jimmy Little Foundation of Jimmy in the communities of North East Arnhem Land. The foundation was setting up programs to educate kids about healthy eating through music workshops. The campaign is called Thumbs Up!. Jimmy was to do a concert at the church on the last night at Galiwin'ku for the community however there was no power so no lights, no speakers, no microphone, no sound. The concert was relocated to outside the Alpha Store, the community shop with lights, power, great songs and a deeply moving performance by Jimmy.
Running time: 00:51

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Mexico 2011

I spent a month in Mexico in July 2011 with one camera, one lens and only black and white film.
Running time: 02:04

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What the camera can see but the human eye can't - beneath the clothes. Rebecca McIntosh aka Aphrodite Love TV and I had great fun shooting this editorial piece around Sydney. The idea to the brief was 'the Emperor's New Clothes'.
Running time: 01:21

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Saltwater Band

I joined the Saltwater Band for a 2 week tour through remote communities of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. In the years that have passed since this tour Gurrumul Yunupingu has been celebrated as a solo artist throughout the world.
Running time: 00:51

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